Imperial Officer Uniform

I have joined the 501st. My first costume was an imperial officer uniform. This is the build:   I started a worksheet for the parts […]

The Flash Costume

First the cowl: I received this cowl from a mini run. I did not make the cowl. What I show here is what I did […]

AOTC Male Tusken Raider Costume

Well, here it goes. First things first, I sewed everything myself and scratch-built the rest along with some help from my 3d printer. I purchased […]

Storm Atronach

A local comicon is coming up here in VA and I will be attending. 2 Weeks to deadline. Lets get this started! Date Start Saturday […]

Ahsoka Tano Replica Saber

Ahsoka Tano The hilt is from Parks. I lathed the pommel flat, then drilled out a hole so I could add a pommel insert. I […]

Hello everyone!

We have migrated our site over from to This site will feature costumes and prop works from our family. Visit us on facebook […]