Ahsoka Tano Replica Saber

Ahsoka Tano
The hilt is from Parks. I lathed the pommel flat, then drilled out a hole so I could add a pommel insert. I have used the material in the pommel in a few of my builds now. Some of the others have been painted, but I just left this one white. I cut the center tube down so it can use a 7/8″ blade. Made a heatsink out of a nub from a TCSS heatsink. The switch is a tiny switch from polulu. I drilled out two holes in the control box, and filed out a slot for the switch since I don’t have a mill. The control box cover was dremeled out to allow for touch plate activation. I ordered a GGG Tri-Cree for this build, and was thinking of using all three, but one of the dice doesn’t work, so this is running GG in parallel. The main portion that took a while was the recharge port. I didn’t want a recharge port in the pommel, nor did I want to have one inside the pommel. I dremeled the inside of the hilt to have the recharge port stick out further, then drilled out and threaded the covertec knob.

GG // Tri-Cree
AW 3400 mAh 18650
Touch Plate Activation
Vented Pommel
Recharge port in the Covertec
22mm TCSS Speaker with custom polycarbonate holder

Build pics:

20130309_152552_zpsabb4145e 20130309_154704_zps4f8dafc8

20130309_164805_zps4afe6ec7 20130309_164817_zps166b4dfa


Final Pics:


20130316_180646_zps87acef0a 20130316_180729_zps573a0e39