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Storm Atronach

A local comicon is coming up here in VA and I will be attending. 2 Weeks to deadline. Lets get this started!
Date Start Saturday June 24th. Comicon Date July 9th!

For this, the wife and I wanted to go BIG!

We are creating a Storm Atronach.
We are also working on a Fire Atronach as well as J’Zargo, but this thread will be mostly dedicated to the Storm.

First we needed to figure out how to make it huge, but still have mobility. We decided on foam.
A mixture of 1″ urethane foam and EVA foam is used. The 1″ foam is really flexible and cushions well for this type of costume.

We glued all of the foam together with barge cement and used some hot melt glue on parts of the body to keep the form.

We started with individual pieces. There are no patterns. Everything you see here is made from scratch and eyeballed.

Legs (we scrapped the pex piping…it didn’t work out)

Ended up changing them to this

This is a boulder. The foam was cur and shaped into a sort of sphere, then every notch you see is a scissor cut to get a nice rocky texture. (This was a pain and I have many blisters from it).

Here is the head shaping up nicely:

A bit more and we have a foot with the head. We made sure to scale the foot to fit over an 18″ stilt attached to a base plate and eva foam for the sole.

Soon enough we had a whole lot of pieces.
It took 2-3 Walmarts and a Hobby lobby to get this much foam in person

Scale test

And planning

For paint, we went to Lowes and purchased a gallon of dark grey latex based exterior house paint, a quart of light grey exterior, and a quart of white exterior house paint. We used 100% of the dark grey base to coat the suit. We still have some white and light grey left, but the dark is gone.

We attempted rolling it on for the larger flat areas, but the smaller nooks and crannies we had to get out little foam brushes to push in the paint.

Lots of base layer later

A test of light grey

The wife is awesome. She painted almost everything for the tonal look. Gives an great granite texture and feel.

Installed mesh eyes in the helmet


Next I wanted working hands with fingers that move. Without going too complicated and making this thing unbearably heavy I used flexible conduit tubing. The same stuff many people use for their Tie Pilot hoses.

I started the skeleton structure for the hands using small crutches and cut them down. I then added PVC couplings to the ends so I could stick my hand through. 3″ was the PVC coupling size I used. To attach, I drilled through and riveted through.

Planning out the fingers

I braided string for the tendons in the fingers

Made a base out of EVA foam and pushed the fingers through. Then I cut notches in each joint to let it bend.

I then glued a set of gloves inside to the hand and taped/glued the strings to each glove finger. The thumb of the atronach goes to the pinky and the other three go to the other three fingers. The glove thumb is not used because there isn’t much movement inside the hand on that.

Next the body structure was formed out of Chicken wire to keep things light. I attempted a PVC frame, but it was way too heavy.
I stabbed myself quite a few times…even with welding gloves on

A test look into arm sizing

The legs still look bare in the center, so I started working on the shackles.
I used a hot knife and cut all of the symbols out. In ESO / Skyrim, they spell out “Bound In Servitude”

Poly stuffing was added in between the rocks to make it look like clouds.

Video testing lights and sound

Test fitting (without legs…)

Added velcro to the feet so I could remove to get to the stilt if necessary.

Full picture! Almost there.

Walking test in full suit

After testing walking and scale, I painted up the little scroll work on the body. We mixed some blue into the white paint to offset the color a bit.



This was from VA Comicon.

And the Atronach got Judges Pick award!

3 days before the con, we decided we needed a mage, so we built J’Zargo with a working jaw, swinging tail, and all airbrushed to boot! My wife wore J’Zargo and it was a big hit! I will post about J’Zargo’s build soon but here are some pictures! (These were pre-airbrushing the gloves and tail for day two).