Imperial Officer Uniform

I have joined the 501st. My first costume was an imperial officer uniform. This is the build:


I started a worksheet for the parts and pieces I wanted to have. Some of these are not applicable to all costumes.



I wanted to replicate a uniform from A New Hope to get imperator status.


The Unknown Sub Lieutenant that Han shot first when entering the cell blocks was the uniform I chose to replicate.

Unknown sub lieutenant

Uniform style : Imperial staff officer (ANH variant)
Gloves : None
Rank bar : 2 / 3 red buttons
Code cylinders : 2 blue tipped dosimeters
Belt boxes : 2 vertically aligned
Weapon : Merr Sonn Power 5
Holster : Yes
Dialogue : Yes
Actor : Malcolm Weaver
Special : Another Han shot first death

I started with the boots as many suggest. I picked these up on eBay. They are real leather, equestrian boots. They have a pull inside. Nice and shiny.

img_0597_21511028065_o img_0674_22700356991_o

I then created my own rank bars with correct buttons and aluminum. I milled the aluminum to allow for flush mounted magnets.

img_0603_21407007550_o img_0601_21525026666_o



Just for fun I made this. It isn’t accurate, but it is a fun little piece.



Next I worked on the blaster.

I lathed some aluminum and cut it in half for the Power-5 Blaster.

img_0620_21771756342_o img_0621_21783471515_o

img_0622_21160780674_o img_0623_21162420843_o

The flash hider is from Dark Energy Creations.

I finished the blaster with a switch for stun/blast setting, a red/blue led, multiple sounds, and a recharge port.

img_0677_22066406864_o img_0676_22700356241_o

Holster was from eBay.


Belt was BPfau and boxes were made by me.


Code Cylinders from Philo



The Uniform itself was a cosplaysky. The uniform fit without having to order a custom one. I did however have to take in the Jodhpurs and add new snaps.