I have posted this build thread over on The Bounty Hunter Guild as well, but wanted to reference the finished costume here.


The mask was a latex mask made by Chris – captainspeky and came in unpainted. My wife and I painted it all up and prepped a Zuckuss for the Celebration in Orlando C-VI. This was not accurate, but did the job for visiting Celebration in costume. In an effort for more accuracy we went on a few year venture in making and remaking parts.

33531321732_ab7b1c6b62_n.jpgDSCF0050 by Iggy, on Flickr

We have re-painted the entire mask, re-done the robe 4 times now, re-done the entire harness out of leather to look more accurate and have a costume that should meet approval.

This is where we were 2 revisions ago. We had vinyl pouches, and harness, but decided to go leather route as it would have a better weight and be more accurate with weathering.

27291111903_6b21061a7c_n.jpgAction Shot by Iggy, on Flickr

27291110923_8908e27fa9_n.jpgFront Mask by Iggy, on Flickr

Wife winning awards at local comicons.

33557913721_7360464aec_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

We took this and the comments returned noted weathering on the coat (which is is really weathered, just hard to capture the brown tones and silver specks). We decided to re-do the coat to be more accurate as the movie one is glossy and reflects quite a bit of silver in it.

Start of re-doing the harness.

33530869572_d1d5465171_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

33530869762_bc1da5e48b_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Hand sewed all the leather and punched holes to hold together

33557913971_cb09ff9e00_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Weathering process

33646440146_b1f1046563_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

32874031073_519a22f348_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Added more tones per the tones in the movie.

32874030923_c22ea33a78_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

33687261975_36aed3e6fd_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Looked decent inside and went outside and … too orange. Man was I angry about this, but we thought of a way to fix it.

33530870842_5db6aca18e_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

We had to take the leather back in and soak it in a bath of acetone. It took 2-3 baths to get to a nice color tone. This was a MAJOR pain, but worth it to fix the color issue.

33078235532_a42c59dec9_n.jpgHarness Front by Iggy, on Flickr

Studying the pictures of Zuckuss I noticed there were no details on the backpack (unlike a lot of the toys show) so we decided to go with cleaner and what the backstage movie shots show:

Left photo shows a great picture of the backpack even though it is dark

33558696181_9ae4af8881_n.jpgzuckuss-reference by Iggy, on Flickr

Since almost all backpacks of Zuckuss in models and toys reference it in Silver we went with that as well for the backpack.

33106409881_e451ef0ecd_n.jpgHarness Back by Iggy, on Flickr

Another item we reviewed over and over was the part in the center chest between the sections of robe. It looks to be the same coloration as the harness, but underneath the kimono style coat. Based on this, we created a center panel underneath, weathered to match. With this it brings the whole ensemble together and matches the center photo reference above from the movie.

I grayed out the robe and helmet/mask so you can see what I am talking about here:

33078238322_a560bbd7a2_n.jpgChest Panel by Iggy, on Flickr

Detail Pictures:

Tubing was made using fabric covering tubing dipped in latex and painted with latex paints.

32851649510_2ddba8dd40_n.jpgTubing by Iggy, on Flickr

Latest coat was done in a canvas coated in glossy and shiny silver spotted to match reference shots. In watching the movie over and over on that scene, most of the silver is not on the coat, but reflective of a gloss or clear coat. Some appears on the coat, but a lot of it seems to shine back and change as Zuckuss moves.

To replicate this we sewed the coat in canvas (which we lined with one of our earlier edition coats so it isn’t super rough on the skin).

33106412981_0a31df5544_n.jpgCoat Front by Iggy, on Flickr

We even built a helmet rig so the weight of the Zuckuss helmet is no longer on my wife’s head, but dispersed to shoulders and waist. Can’t find my picture of the rig. I had a video up on facebook somewhere though…

Gloves are made from vinyl still as the ones in the movie look lighter and different than the harness color. So we kept this and weathered minimally just like the movie appears (gloves have less weathering in still shots)

33078236842_73789c66ea_n.jpgGloves by Iggy, on Flickr

Last thing we added was to make sure the bottles were BOTH represented as there are TWO bottles on Zuckuss.

33106431681_a7a281c257_n.jpg2Front by Iggy, on Flickr


We wanted to replicate the snare rifle better since the costume was near polished.

Started to cut all of the piping out of polycarbonate and the body out of thick plastic sheets.

33557914051_a03d353cd4_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

33687261915_5774fdf10d_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Test fit:

33303327310_eaffd8b3dc_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Adding details:

33557914021_70346d057b_n.jpgUntitled by Iggy, on Flickr

Finished after final paint, metal rod added, and staining of the wood grip:

33234930035_1ca193d8ed_n.jpgSnare Rifle by Iggy, on Flickr

This snare rifle image is even referenced in the latest book (Scum and Villainy!)



Finished costume:


Last pic for now:

Really cool seeing my wife get so excited about a costume.

We didn’t have the right chair for a quick shot, so we used a stool.

33193139636_898d0d3c9a_n.jpgSide by Side by Iggy, on Flickr

These images have since been used to create the reference library for the 501st with The Bounty Hunter Guild. It was amazing to see this come to life.



Since these picture, we have even re-worked the helmet a bit and have it sitting more flat per the production photos. Every day is an effort towards accuracy!