Hondo Ohnaka Costume

I loved Hondo from the Clone Wars series. His attitude, demeanor, and especially his style.

His costume changed later in the Clone Wars series. This build is for his season 4-5 appearance.

Here is the costume for Hondo A (Seasons 1-3) and Hondo B (Seasons 4-5)



I started by purchasing a mask. I didn’t want a latex mask. Latex doesn’t seem to last as long or hold up under as much use. I found a Etsy shop (WulwhitesWorkshop) that makes awesome masks. He made and painted a Animated Weequay and even punctured / pulled yarn for hair through. This picture is as he just painted it (still drying). It is not shiny anymore.


Once received, I started tweaking. I picked up some earrings in varying sizes and pierced Hondo’s ears.


I also ordered a few gold chain necklaces and worked up magnetic clasps that would keep them on. The one that looks like a ball is the magnetic clasp.


I wanted to have as close to accurate as possible. So, I replaced the yarn with something closer. Hondo has thick strands in the show, and the closest thing is leather strips. I purchased a few spools of leather and went to work.

0006 0007


I also braided white and grey yarn for the left pigtail. Both pigtails have real leather strips (orange & red). I also completed them with PVC rings.

Some work is being done on the helmet file.


I designed the belt buckle and printed it. This picture was mid-print. Made it partially hollow to keep it light.


It will get a nice shiny black coat, then gold coat of paint!

Here is the coat and shirt template:


SMP Designs who is doing the coat for me sent me some awesome photos of progress!




Coat getting Close!