Classic Captain America Shield

The captain america shield is awesome. After watching the movies and reading more comics, I really wanted a shield. I started with the heater shield and will move towards the round “vibranium” shield.

I purchased a steel shield online then sanded the paint down:


Then I cut out two small stars and one large star in tape by using star templates I made out of paper:


Then I placed the three stars:

20131109_204759_zpsf47e20db 20131109_210535_zps953cd9e2

Then, I masked off the lines by eye-balling:


I painted the lines in a nice red (flash makes it look a bit pink):

20131109_212612_zpscbd969ac 20131109_212624_zps7e3ee489


After painting the red, I peeled back the top and covered up the line work:


And finally, I painted the top section in blue and peeled off the stars:


It is hung nicely on my brothers wall now! I did not include the grip, so I could hang it.