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Damaged Spider-Man Mask

The idea was brought to the table by someone else that wanted to replicate a mask in the comics. Venom holds up a skull with Spider-Man’s mask:


I had a red lycra mask that I had purchased on hand so I started in on this project:

20140115_211453_zps484308e4 20140115_211511_zpsd4a39e10
20140115_211538_zps663a1eeb 20140115_211543_zps4737a180

I drew on the lines with a fabric pen carefully to mimic the lines in the comics:


I then started cutting the forehead hole:


Then the mouth section:


Here you can see some dots that were on the original mask, but those will be cut out to look just like the comic image:



I cut a bunch more holes and added the rest of the line work:


20140126_135925_zpsfbdyrtfq 20140126_135932_zpsjfkujo2o


I added an eye frame. I used an eye frame received from a member of theRPF (TJack). The white portion is a bit of plasti-card that I cut to size. After cutting, I warped the eye with a heat gun and drew on the “cracks” with a black permanent marker.

20140126_143659_zpsuzzozsjf 20140126_143711_zpsj4bgz88u