DIY ROTJ Tie Pilot Chest Box with Working Switches

For my Tie Pilot uniform I wanted fully functional rocker switches for the right 3 rockers as well as functional acrylic square buttons that make noises when pushed. It is just awesome to see the kids push the buttons and they work instead of pushing fake buttons.

Rocker functions (3)
Turn aker amp on
Turn sound module on
#3 Does nothing at the moment

My sound module has 4 sounds (one per button). I can have a total of 5 minutes worth of sound.

4 Squares (4 Sounds) Chosen.
Imperial March
Air release / pressurize
Retro Computer Beeps
Tie Fighter Whoosh

Drilled holes in the rockers to add lights there as well

Adding .wav files to the board



Started with these switches for the rockers:

Ground them down and made some caps (some were from Hole In The Ground, some from Walt, the angled ROTJ ones I made out of some extruded PVC board)

Working on the chestbox, there were a bunch of imperfections on the front side (most probably wouldn’t care, but bugged me…) So I sanded it down

And added a new top plate for reinforcement

I will sand it smooth soon. The scratchy parts are from the ABS black glue I used which will sand down.

While waiting on the other switch parts (which were delayed…thanks amazon…) I figured I would work on the hose for the ROTJ version.

Machined a polycarbonate holder for my 5lb magnet

Filled the 90 degree elbow with black silicone, and pushed the holder in

Then I covered the holder with more black silicone so I wont get magnet scratches on my armor.

Then I waited for that to dry.

My switches came in. Here is one with one of the acrylic squares on top.

I even have color matching switches (blue for blue squares, red for red, white for white).

Spot filler to fill in some gaps on the side and to smooth the edges around the plate that was added:

Sanded down and marked squares

Rough with dremel

Hand finished and also created a plate for the switches to sit on the inside.

Rocker tops finished:

Marked flip switches:


I made a backboard out of more ABS for the rocker switches. Cut small squares so I could mount the switches, and will space them back so it will be flush with the top of the chestbox

Flush = WIN

Did the main buttons in a similar fashion. These are arcade buttons. I color matched buttons to the switch color. I will mount acrylic tiles on top of each button using acrylic plastic weld which should meld the two (button and square cover) together nicely. Same configuration, but a little more left and right to make it flush mount:

You can see holes. I will place chicago screws inside so I can remove these panels should I need to replace a switch or work on it. Worst would be a switch breaks and I can’t get to the switches because I glued the plates in.

Rockers mounted to back plate:

Rockers in place:

So shiny! I might have to sand and re-gloss since I didn’t wait long enough before messing with the switch placements

Video of buttons in action. No sound yet on the buttons, but getting VERY close. I have the sound module. Just need to add the sound files to it and wire each to a button.

Prepping Sound

Drilled holes in the rockers to add lights there as well

Adding .wav files to the board